HISTORY( Institution prior to promulgation)

Which functions under the Archdiocese of Goa, was founded in 1963 in the premises of the MSFS religious order. The college functioned in this premises under the guidance of Fr. Edward D’Cruz for the first 2 years and then under Fr. Nicolau Pereira till it was shifted to its present location in Mapusa in 1968.
A publishing and printing house, was founded in 1886 by Janin Rangel. For over a century, it was the repository in innumerable books which today adorn the shelves of major libraries all over the world and are used as reference material by scholars in various fields. Janin Rangel pioneered the printing of the Almanaque. Among his many works included religious books like he Novena of our Lady of Perpetual Succour in Konkani and Portuguese as also the Solfeggio in 3 tomes which are still used by Music students to this day. Besides the Tipografia Rangel, other ventures that provided employment for many locals, were the handloom weaving business run by the Shettigar family and the ice-factory managed by the Rao family.