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Bastora is a little village nestled in the hills and plains facing Mapusa, the taluka headquarters of Bardez. Covering an area of just 322.1 hectares and having a population of around 4000, the village of Bastora exudes an old-world charm with its stately mansions, pretty cottages, inspiring places of workshop and winding roads enveloped in a canopy of verdant green.
- Dr.Jaime Rangel

Thus abundance of nature’s blessings still exists in one of the smallest villages of Goa. The name Bastora evolved from the earlier Bastodem of the times of the Kadamba and Vijayanagar dynasties. On the 25 th of November 1510, Afonso de Albuquerque captured the city of Goa, present-day Old Goa. Thirty three years later, in 1543, the Portuguese acquired the territories of Bardez and Salcete. Bastora came under their control till 19 th December 1961.

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-Mr Savio Martins Sarpanch
-Village Panchayat Members

Hon’ble M.L.A. Shri. Glenn J. V. A. e Souza Ticlo

(Aldona Constituency)

Village Panchayat Bastora admires your leadership and decision making skills. We hope to continue learning from you and appreciate all your encouragement and support in all round development of our village.


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